Welcome to Alkenion! It is the official website of Alexander Krylkov's main music project Alkenion and his other music projects.
14.06.2024 Discovery album recording progress
The keyboards recording has been finished, The wait is almost over! Album release is just around the corner, stay tuned! :)
19.03.2024 Discovery album recording progress
The electric guitars recording has been finished. The little video about it: https://youtu.be/5r2jMu_SHIU
09.01.2024 Discovery album recording progress
Finally! After years of training recording of the album in its final version has been started. The bass guitar recording has been finished. There is a little video about it: https://youtu.be/rwRxNyiFhpk
05.07.2021 Discovery album recording progress
The most difficult part in making the album has been completed, which is the writing of the material.


1. Gateways
2. Megalopolis
3. Octaphonia
4. Voice Of The Universe 3
5. Pink Skies
6. Phenomenon
7. Into The Sky
8. Warp Jump
9. Black Hole
10. Arrakis

The next step is recording, mixing and mastering.
04.02.2021 Discovery album recording progress
Half of the material for the brand new album is ready.
New album name: Discovery

21.06.2020 Time Machine II album on rutracker.org!
The album is available to download via torrent by this link (FLAC 98/24).
11.06.2020 Astrovarium - Cold Planet
Distribution to main music platforms started.
Astrovarium on Sound Cloud !
28.05.2020 New music project
I am happy to announce of the launch of new electronic music project Astrovarium!
Today will be the release and premiere on youtube of it's first single Cold Planet.
Watch it on youtube !

It will be also available on main music platforms.
12.04.2020 Working on new album
The new 4th album writing is in progress, check the new album guitar sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSaQqje99NM
12.01.2020 Shop launch
Now you can get alkenion t-shirts in official alkenion shop .
There will be a 15% discount for the next 2 weeks.
21.06.2015 Album Time Machine II is now available!
You can get it at: bandcamp (FLAC 98/24, mp3 320kbps) and cdbaby (FLAC 44/16, mp3 320kbps) .

Also, guitar pro 5 tabs and notes are available for download at discography page .
18.06.2015 Time Machine II
Album will be released on 21st of june at cdbaby, bandcamp and other musical web-sites such as itunes, spotify etc.
It will be available in MP3 320, FLAC 44/16, FLAC 96/24 audio formats.
31.05.2015 Recording update
Rest of keyboards recording and mixing have been completed. Only mastering left and album will be released this summer!

Album will contain 8 reprocessed tracks from "Time Machine" album and two new tracks: "Voice Of The Universe 2" and "Lost Planet Return".
All tracks were completely reprocessed and recorded using "live" instruments, new parts and arrangements added.

Album tracklist:
1. Lost Planet
2. Alkenion
3. On The Moon
4. Voice Of The Universe 2
5. Between Two Galaxies
6. Into The Time Hole
7. Out Of The Time Hole
8. Waves Of Time
9. Venus Rain
10. Lost Planet Return

Also, website design has been updated to support new album. Stay tuned :)

Time Machine II
16.04.2015 Recording update
All guitars are finally recorded. Rest of keyboards recording and mixing are appoaching.
04.04.2015 Bandcamp publication
The Alkenion and i4004 projects are now on Bandcamp also: alkenion.bandcamp.com , i4004.bandcamp.com
26.03.2015 Recording update
Bass guitar is recorded. The next step is recording of guitar, rest of keyboards and mixing.
22.09.2014 Album recording
1.5 years passed since drums recording, but project is not forgotten, I was training to play guitar/bass, because I started to play them from absolute zero.

It took large amount of time to get sufficient technique for album material recording. Now I am playing material in original tempo and polish my playing, I will start recording in about 2 months.

With album I will record video of studio playing and also several playthrough videos.
22.02.2013 Another Time / Time Machine is now available for free download!
Now you can download "2010 - Another Time / Time Machine" album for free in Alkenion Discography in mp3 320 or FLAC format, and if you want to support the project you can buy it by one of this links: cdbaby , itunes , amazon .

Also you can download this album tracks from last.fm page or listen it at vkontakte .
22.02.2013 i4004 music project on the site!
The i4004 Discography section was created. There you can find i4004 music project discography and download "Dark, Space, Electro" album in mp3 320 or FLAC format.
13.01.2013 Good news for everyone who is waiting for the new album!
This week we ended the drums recording session!.
It was a hard week but all was completed as planned.

New album preliminary will contain 10 songs, 8 revised songs and 2 complete new songs.

Now we have to work with guitars, rest of the synths and mixing of the album.

Stay tuned :)
04.06.2012 Working on new album
Now work is going on third studio album with live instruments called "Time Machine 2".
04.06.2012 Album Another Time / Time Machine in stores
Album "Another Time / Time Machine" is already available at cdbaby and itunes music store and will be available at another music stores soon.

This album consist of albums: "Another Time" and album "Time Machine" as a bonus CD.
04.06.2012 Alkenion web site launch
Alkenion web site is running! Welcome to all!
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